Salary Guide 2022

9th Jan, 2022

Over the past year salaries have dramatically risen across most of the Architecture and Design industry from early 2021 levels, in some cases by over 20% year to date. Are you still getting paid the salary you deserve?

In January 2022, we are seeing salaries continue to rise. This is due to a number of factors but the key reason seems to be ripple effects from Brexit and the scarcity of skilled staff as well as the after effects of the pandemic on the way we work. With more and more companies offering remote working or hybrid working as standard, it has made other organisations who are less agile, financially renumerate staff instead of extending more work / life flexibility and benefits.

The table below is compiled from positions placed by FOUND Careers with numerous top London practices across Architecture and Design and conversations with candidates and hiring managers during 2021. This should be used as a rough guide as salaries vary from practice to practice.

Architecture£ Low£ Average£ High
Part I£22,000£24,000£26,000+
Part II (Graduate)£26,000£28,000£30,000+
Part II (Experienced)£32,000£35,000£38,000+
Recently qualified Architect£36,000£40,000£44,000+
Experienced Architect£42,000£45,000£50,000+
Senior Architect£44,000£48,000£55,000+
Architectural Technician/Technologist (Junior)£25,000£30,000£35,000+
Architectural Technician/Technologist (Experienced)£35,000£40,000£45,000+
Senior Technician / Technologist£40,000£45,000£55,000+
Associate Director£60,000£70,000£80,000+

BIM & Computational Design£ Low£ Average£ High
Junior BIM Coordinator / Technican£30,000£35,000£40,000+
BIM Coordinator / Lead£40,000£48,000£55,000+
Senior BIM Coordinator£50,000£55,000£60,000+
BIM Manager£50,000£60,000£65,000+
Senior BIM Manager£55,000£65,000£70,000+
Head of BIM£60,000£70,000£80,000+
BIM Director£65,000£75,000£85,000+
Computational Designer£40,000£45,000£50,000+
Senior Computational Designer£45,000£50,000£55,000+
Computational Design Lead£50,000£55,000£60,000+

Sustainability / Environmental Design£ Low£ Average£ High
Junior Sustainability Specialist£28,000£33,000£38,000+
Sustainability Consultant£35,000£40,000£43,000+
Senior Sustainability Consultant£40,000£45,000£50,000+
Sustainability Lead£45,000£50,000£55,000+
Sustainability Associate£50,000£55,000£60,000+
Head of Sustainability£55,000£60,000£70,000+
Sustainability Director£60,000£70,000£80,000+

Urban Design / Landscape£ Low£ Average£ High
Junior Urban Designer£25,000£30,000£35,000+
Urban Designer£30,000£35,000£40,000+
Senior Urban Designer£35,000£43,000£50,000+
Associate Urban Designer£45,000£50,000£55,000+
Head of Urban Design£55,000£60,000£70,000+
Junior Landscape Architect£22,000£24,000£26,000+
Landscape Architect£25,000£30,000£35,000+
Senior Landscape Architect£35,000£40,000£45,000+
Associate Landscape Architect£45,000£50,000£55,000+
Head of Landscape£55,000£70,000£80,000+

IT£ Low£ Average£ High
IT Support Technician (Junior)£22,000£25,000£28,000+
IT Support Technician£25,000£35,000£40,000+
Senior IT Technician£35,000£40,000£45,000+
IT Manager£50,000£65,000£75,000+
Head of IT£60,000£75,000£85,000+